Web Development

We build websites from scratch and even provide upgrades to your existing website, be it just visual design or a performance enhancing technical upgrade. Our team can help you create an online presence for your business, personal profession, or even your hobbies and interests, be it a cooking blog for the foodie or a sports achievements panel for the exuberant athlete.

Corporate Identity

Every business, be it a small startup or an already established entity, requires its real world identity to be translated precisely into the massive digital world. Losing out on such a populated and wide reaching online market is cannot even remotely be considered as an opportunity cost. We also cater to your Logo, Billboards, Business Cards, Flyers. Brochures, and complete Stationary designing needs and much more. Every design is tailored in accordance with your needs and latest trends.

Editorial Services

We also provide efficient and effective Imaging and Editorial solutions. To name a few- Copy/Content Editing, Proofreading, Indexing and/or Archival Processing, Digitization, Image Manipulation or Scanning. Content writing includes proofreading of existing blog articles along with writing fresh unique article content for various streams of professions.

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The Internet is an ever changing environment that demands you to keep up with the latest and greatest communication platforms. Your website is the first impression for your company’s web audience. It is a place where customers often make the decision to do business with you, select what products to buy, learn about scheduled events, identify who to consult and decide on what information is important and relevant to their needs. DigitalKrafts provides websites that keep the aforementioned aspects in mind while paying attention to every fine detail.

Four years ago we set out to build a company that focused solely on delivering exactly according to the customer’s needs and their envisioning of the end result. All this with transparency and customer involvement in each and every step of the process. In this fast growing digital world, we couldn't rely on the same old legacy of recruiting employers during such a volatile time when attrition is one of the major problems faced by the companies. Instead, we challenged the conventional formula and created a new approach and process of hiring freelancers.

We have our freelancers and associates located at major IT hubs across India. We believe that our services are not bound by location and if need be we will be there at your doorstep. Our dedicated team believes in elaborate planning, diligence, transparency and communication. We are free-thinking individuals with different tastes, aesthetics, opinions and backgrounds. We have all come together to create a company whose foundation is built on mutual trust, passion and drive for what we do as an enthusiasm for the websites we create.

We work with clients to deliver digital solutions across web, mobile and all other digital devices in-between. From social networks to apps to complex content management systems, we have the capabilities to produce anything digital.

We Love our Clients

Delivering What You Want And More

Without passion, there cannot be success, and we fully understand that when our clients are successful (which they are!) we are successful.

We understand that working remotely with a team can be a challenge, so we have put into place a very simple and elegant process so that you are guided through the entire process and know exactly what is going to happen. We have simplified our communication process so that there is a clear and enjoyable conversation between our team and you. There is nothing more productive and enjoyable then positive communication and clearly defined goals. Contact us with any questions. We will be happy to schedule a conference call with you.

A vision for the future must be carved from the efforts of those who can provide help and assistance. Enriching the community we all live in only brings to light the beauty of true friendships and a better tomorrow. We strive for that.


Our Technical Expertise

The Platforms

We develop a wide range of Internet Applications and Solutions using multiple technologies, components and standards. We offer websites with responsive web design, fluent design grid that allows legible viewing and fluid user experience across a wide range of devices – from desktop computers, laptops, tablets to smartphones.

At DigitalKrafts, we work on wide variety of platforms which include Wordpress, PHP, HTML 5, Joomla and all these platforms are well supported by the latest SEO guidelines which enable the sites to rank high on search engines.

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We Go the Extra Mile With No Traffic Jams


All the services you know and love

Web is a fun place and you should be there too. Our services can get you to learn the web with ease and be good at it.

State of the art interactive development.

DigitalKrafts provides turnkey Web Solutions to various kinds of businesses operating worldwide. Our Websites are unique and eye-catching, designed by using latest web designing tools, which empowers our clients to represent themselves online confidently in the global arena to generate more revenue.

Our aim is to provide high quality, mission critical, rapid time-to-market Web Design, Software Development and SEO solutions on time and within budget.

Whether you are looking for an innovative online shopping experience, a powerful new productivity app, or fully featured online photo and graphics editing software, DigitalKrafts' Web and code gurus create incredibly rich user experiences for Web apps, optimized for both desktop and mobile.

Our team in DigitalKrafts strongly believes in working with people in a peaceful, relaxed and nonrestrictive humane environment. We are a young group of exceptional, passionate, hard working and zestful people with a sweet tooth for spontaneity.


Laptops. Tablets. Phones. We build our products with compatibility in mind.

Come as Guests, Stay as Family.

A site should be as user friendly as possible. It should be so immersive to the visitor that he visits as a guest but stays as a family.

Our sites create an immersive experience for the visitors with easy site navigation, user friendly features. We build websites that build your business.

iPhone & iPad

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Meet the people who make it all happen

Website is said to be robust when it performs well under unexpected conditions which stress the designer's assumptions, as well as under normal conditions.


Utkarsha Mishra

Founder and Creative Director

The creator, or as one may refer to as ‘The Founding Father’ of our institution, DigitalKrafts. He started coding at the age when other members were busy playing ball on the field. Just like he has a knack for coding, he dabbles around in design, the ripples of which serve as an inspiration to our design principles visible in all our work.


Jayant Singh

Technical Head

Do you know one of those psychics or spiritual gurus one visits when he/she is uncertain about life. Well in the digital world, Jayant is your guide to enlightenment. He will know what you need before you actually need it, simply put, he knows more about you than you know yourself. Ok, enough of that, but technically speaking, he will be the one that understands your requirements, as a Client, the best.


Prasenjit Mishra

SEO Analyst

Just like your spine keeps your body from gliding around like a jelly, Prasenjit’s backend tinkering is what reinforces our work and keeps us afloat. While his phone is still from the historic period of the Symbian Age, his work definitely shines like a next gen device. If your website is not yet created, he can still make Google show it on the first page of the search engine results, trust me.


Omkar Jadhav


Well, he basically is the narrator of this page, or more like the Morgan Freeman in that space documentary you saw last week. Also, he writes, but his work doesn’t end here, he is what you read, what your brain processes, and what later becomes your speech, The Batman of Words- that is him. Many people, refer to him as a literary genius. While most of them don’t exist, some of them are a part of this organization.


Praveen Nayak

Graphic Designer

Praveen, a Graphic Designer. He does graphics, and he also does designs. Put together, he is best suited to be our graphic designer. He is the man behind the identity of most of our websites (logos, banners, etc etc). Apart from saving owls, inside and outside of games, he knows well to give any project its own unique face and identity.


Yash Mehta

Back-end Developer

Well, he does what he does. If you find anything too complex to get your head around it, that is what Yash will be expert at, after all is one of our main programmers. Web technologies, like .net, are what he has for breakfast. What he eats for lunch and dinner is still a mystery.

Our working process. Simple, yet effective!

1. Discover & Plan

From the start, we take the time to understand your business goals and meet the needs of your audience.

2. Organize & Refine

We analyze, structure, and polish your content, giving your site a look and feel you’ll love.

3. Build & Deploy

Whether you need a brief marketing site or a custom application, we’ve got you covered.

4. Grow & Measure

We offer regular reviews and maintenance, so you get the most out of your site after launch.

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This is just a small part of who we are. To know us and our work, Reach Us(↑). We are open for discussions and getting to know you. Even if it is for a short conversation or our consulting advice we would be glad to help.Browser

What separates design from art is that design is meant to be functional.


First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.

If there's one thing you learn by working on a lot of different Web sites, it's that almost any design idea--no matter how appallingly bad--can be made usable in the right circumstances, with enough effort.

Our competitive prices can't be found anywhere else

The variety of prices is as wide as the variety of talent levels. We have flexible plans and prices for everyone. We provide Pro Bono services too.

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Do you provide customized web products/solutions ?

Yes we do. We do provide customized web solutions and tailored websites to our clients according to their needs.

Do you provide discounts ?

We offer special discounts not only on annual services but also on special occassions like festivals from time to time. We also have special offers on corporate branding and identity.

Do I need another webhost ?

We provide web hosting for simple to complex web solutions, the complete range at reasonable prices. But if you already have a webhost or plan to get your own hosting, we don't mind :)

How do I contact you ?

You can reach us by an email, our contact form or even call us anytime. When we start working on a project, we specifically provide a clients area which will keep you updated about the progress of the project.

Once you complete website design, who owns the copyright of the designed site and elements ?

Upon completion, final approval and clearance of invoice for the website design everything is owned by you.

Do you guys provide after sales support ?

We provide complete support to our clients even if they opt out of our maintenance plans. We also provide flexible maintenance plans to our clients.


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“ Work is the only thing that gives substance to life. ”
Quote author

Albert Einstein Scientist, Genius.

“ Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work. ”
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A.P.J Abdul Kalam Scientist, Genius.

“ Once you start working on something, don't be afraid of failure and don't abandon it. ”
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Chanakya Sheer Genius.

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